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Why Us

Jones Real Estate professionals are highly knowledgeable of the commercial property market in Southern California. The owner, Greg Jones, has been helping set the pace for the ever changing and growing market. Greg Jones and his staff of seasoned commercial real estate professionals have the expertise to help buyers locate the best properties to purchase and achieve maximum long-term gains, with short-term revenue.

These services are just a few of the many that Greg Jones and his staff offer with the highest level of expertise:

-Locate the ideal property to purchase
-Arrange the sale of property for the highest market value
-Secure the ideal tenants
-Represent tenants looking for great properties
-Develop properties for maximum returns
-Analyze a commercial real estate investment to determine if it meets the clients objectives including the ROI

Jones Real Estate specializes in all types of properties, such as:

-Auto Centers
-Office buildings
-Land acquisition
-Development Entitlements
-Distressed and Foreclosure properties
-Receivership services

Investor Representation Is Also A Specialty

Buyers of commercial property are making an important investment, and they need to know that their investment is going to deliver the returns they want. Jones Real Estate has the expertise to help investors analyze a potential investment in order for them to make an informed decision. The following is a list of questions that will help analyze a property investment:

-Does this property fit my overall investment strategy?
-Where are the existing rents at relative to the market?
-Can a positive cash flow be realized from day one?
-What will my total annual expenses be?
-What financing options are available to me?
-What is the return on my investment (ROI)?
-What are the tax benefits and the negatives?
-Is the overall benefit of buying this property worth the risk?
-Is the neighborhood stable?
-Are there any potential problems that could impact the future value of the property?

While Jones Real Estate cannot predict the future, the answers to these questions can be found and the essential calculations can be made to help make an informed decision. Jones Real Estate has developed a natural instinct for value and property evaluation.

Jones Real Estate also has the most expertise in property management services, which are the key to realizing investing success in today’s highly competitive market. These are the important services provided:

-Reducing operating expenses
-Effective and cost efficient management
-Provide comprehensive financial reports
-Maximize property income
-Development of creative ways to market available space
-Innovative and thorough tenant screening
-Reduce tenant turnover rates
-Reliable, responsible and accountable service

As in all matters handled by Jones Real Estate, Greg Jones will be directly involved in the management of your property.

Greg Jones is the principal of Jones Real Estate and he is the person you will talk with when you place that all important phone call. Greg Jones will be directly involved with your commercial real estate transaction by coordinating every aspect of the transaction. He will be very much involved in establishing a profitable commercial real estate management plan which is an area he has a very significant amount of experience in. You will always have direct access to Greg Jones and this assures you that one of the best minds in the business will walk with you all the way. You will never be handed off to an inexperienced account representative.